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Square Profile Weight Calculation

Square Profile Weight Calculation Square iron profile weight calculation, you must first determine the edge widths of the profile you want to use. Then determine the wall thickness and finally the length, i.e. meters. The specific gravity of iron is calculated as 7.85. As a result, do not forget that materials such as stainless, steel […]

Trapezoidal Sheet Price

Trapezoidal Sheet Price Trapezoidal sheet price, varies depending on the type of material used, sheet thickness, coating type, manufacturer and some other factors. To give general price information for 2024: Excluding VAT: Galvanized trapezoidal sheet: 70 usd/m² – 90 TL/m² Painted trapezoidal sheet: 1000 usd/m² – 120 usd/m² Stainless steel trapezoidal sheet: 200 usd/m² – […]