HC340LA Steel Grade: Meeting the Demands of Modern Engineering and Design

HC340LA is a high-strength, low-alloy steel grade that is designed to meet the demands of modern engineering and design. It offers excellent formability and weldability, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in the automotive, construction, and manufacturing industries.

Mechanical Composition:
– Tensile strength: 410-510 MPa
– Yield strength: 340-420 MPa
– Elongation: 19-23%
– Hardness: HRB 68-74

Chemical Composition:
– Carbon (C): ≤ 0.12%
– Manganese (Mn): ≤ 1.50%
– Phosphorus (P): ≤ 0.030%
– Sulfur (S): ≤ 0.025%
– Silicon (Si): ≤ 0.03%
– Aluminum (Al): ≥ 0.015%
– Titanium (Ti): ≤ 0.25%
– Boron (B): ≤ 0.005%

The combination of high strength, good formability, and excellent weldability make HC340LA an ideal choice for structural components, automotive parts, and other demanding applications where lightweight and durable materials are required. Its mechanical and chemical composition make it a versatile and reliable material for modern engineering and design challenges.