Exploring the Properties and Applications of DX54D+Z Steel Grade

The DX54D+Z steel grade is a hot-dip galvanized steel with a zinc coating. It is known for its high strength and good formability, making it suitable for use in various construction and manufacturing applications.

Mechanical Composition:
– Tensile Strength: 270-500 MPa
– Yield Strength: 140-330 MPa
– Elongation: 34-64%
– Hardness: HRB 40-75

Chemical Composition:
– Carbon (C): 0.1%
– Manganese (Mn): 0.5%
– Phosphorus (P): 0.12%
– Sulfur (S): 0.04%
– Silicon (Si): 0.05%
– Aluminum (Al): 0.15%
– Zinc (Zn): 10-275 g/m²

– Automotive industry: body panels, chassis components, and structural parts
– Construction: roofing, siding, and structural frames
– Appliances: outer panels for refrigerators, washing machines, and ovens

Overall, the DX54D+Z steel grade offers a good balance of strength, formability, and corrosion resistance, making it a versatile material for a wide range of applications.