Comparing E295 Steel Grade with Other Structural Steels

E295 is a non-alloy structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 295 N/mm². It is similar to S275JR and S235JR in terms of mechanical and chemical properties.

Mechanical Composition:
– Minimum yield strength: 295 N/mm²
– Tensile strength: 470-610 N/mm²
– Elongation: 18-23%

Chemical Composition:
– C: 0.23%
– Si: 0.50%
– Mn: 1.50%
– P: 0.045%
– S: 0.045%

Comparison with S275JR:
E295 has a higher minimum yield strength than S275JR, making it suitable for heavier load-bearing structures. However, it has lower tensile strength and elongation compared to S275JR.

Comparison with S235JR:
E295 has a higher minimum yield strength and tensile strength than S235JR, making it suitable for more demanding structural applications. Additionally, E295 has higher manganese content, offering better overall mechanical properties.

Overall, E295 offers a balance of strength and ductility, making it suitable for a wide range of structural applications. Its higher minimum yield strength makes it a good choice for heavy-duty structures, while its chemical composition ensures good weldability and machinability.