Itibar Demir Çelik, which has made great investments in Turkey and in the world, produces with its professional staff in order to meet Turkey’s flat steel needs and to become a dynamic and global player in the sector. Continuing its activities with the motivation to contribute to Turkey’s international competitiveness, İtibar Demir Çelik provides raw material resources to dozens of sectors with its innovative approach.

Itibar Demir Çelik, with its reliable and honest trade principles, is your long-term working partner for your iron and steel needs in international markets.

Linha de corte

Podemos fazer seus trabalhos especiais com 3 linhas de corte diferentes

Galvanized coils cutting lines

Linha de corte

Somos o fabricante mais rápido da Turquia com 4 linhas de corte diferentes.

trapezidal steel sheet

folha trapezoidal de concreto

Temos a maior capacidade com 6 linhas de produção diferentes

turkish wall profile price

Perfis de parede seca

Somos a maior com capacidade de produção mensal de 300 mtons.

Our quality policy

It is a quality policy for those who act with system awareness, comply with quality management conditions, monitor, progress and will be necessary for all developers.

Our Values:

prospect and customer
gentlemanly competition
Corporate and contemporary management identity to information
Professional, trained, knowledgeable staff
quality, honest and safe service concept
Environment and human way
It is our values that guide us in our business life.

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