Standard Pipe Diameters and DN Equivalents in Steel Pipes

Standard Pipe Diameters and DN Equivalents in Steel Pipes Pipe Diameters and DN Equivalents in Steel Pipes DN (Nominal Diameter): A term used in European standards that indicates the nominal inner diameter of the pipe in millimeters. Standard Pipe Diameters: Steel pipes are produced in various diameters. The most commonly used standard pipe diameters and […]

Turkish Manufacturer of ERW Pipes

Turkish Manufacturer of ERW Pipes Turkish manufacturer of steel ERW pipes, Our process that leads the way in steel manufacturing industry quality. We take pleasure in manufacturing premium Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) steel products that meet and beyond industry standards. Our legacy is rich in innovation. About Us: We are precision, strength, and durability architects […]

Turkish Galvanized Coil steel Producer

Turkish Galvanized Coil steel Producer Turkish Galvanized Coil steel Producer, hot-dip galvanized steel coils are produced in a wide range of thicknesses, typically from 0.50 millimeters to 6 millimeters. The most common thicknesses for galvanized steel coils are 0.50mm, 0.70mm, 1.00mm, and 1.20mm. These thicknesses are suitable for a wide range of applications, including roofing, […]

Steel Pipe Prices

Steel Pipe Prices Steel pipe prices, vary depending on steel price, pipe type, dimensions, material and vendors. A general steel pipe price scale for February 2024: Black pipe: 25 usd /kg – 40 usd/kg Galvanized pipe: 35 usd/kg – 50 usd/kg Stainless pipe: 80 usd/kg – 150 usd/kg Seamless pipe: 50 usd/kg – 80 usd/kg […]

Galvanized Pipe Price

Galvanized Pipe Price The price of galvanized pipe is determined according to the steel price increases determined by the pipe manufacturing companies.   Galvanized Coating, Raw Material and Affecting Factors Galvanized pipes are steel pipes treated with a zinc coating that provides superior protection against corrosion. This coating process is called “galvanizing” and refers to […]

Square Profile Weight Calculation

Square Profile Weight Calculation Square iron profile weight calculation, you must first determine the edge widths of the profile you want to use. Then determine the wall thickness and finally the length, i.e. meters. The specific gravity of iron is calculated as 7.85. As a result, do not forget that materials such as stainless, steel […]

Patterned Sheet Prices

Patterned Sheet Prices Hot rolled patterned sheet prices may vary depending on many factors. These factors are: Pattern type: Prices for different pattern types such as checkered, perforated, teardrop, diamond, or checker plate are different. Sheet dimensions: The width, length and thickness of the sheet affect its prices. Price fluctuations: Fluctuations in exchange rates and […]

Angle Iron Prices

Angle Iron Prices Angle iron prices, weight calculation is standard since the product you will choose is steel. Additionally, angle iron prices vary depending on the region. The main factor here is the shipping cost. Istanbul L iron prices and Izmir L iron prices are different. Angle iron prices may vary depending on many factors. […]

Trapezoidal Sheet Price

Trapezoidal Sheet Price Trapezoidal sheet price, varies depending on the type of material used, sheet thickness, coating type, manufacturer and some other factors. To give general price information for 2024: Excluding VAT: Galvanized trapezoidal sheet: 70 usd/m² – 90 TL/m² Painted trapezoidal sheet: 1000 usd/m² – 120 usd/m² Stainless steel trapezoidal sheet: 200 usd/m² – […]

Exploring the High Performance Qualities of HX380LAD+Z Steel Grade in Engineering

HX380LAD+Z is a high-strength steel grade with exceptional mechanical and chemical properties, making it a desirable material for engineering applications. The mechanical composition of HX380LAD+Z steel grade typically includes a high tensile strength, yield strength, and elongation, which all contribute to its excellent performance in structural and mechanical engineering. Specifically, HX380LAD+Z steel grade has a […]